Be assertive on your dates!


Feast of St. Brás - February 2 - Place of S. Brás - Resende
Festa da Cerejeira em Flor - Town of Paus
Feast of Our Lady of Fatima - May 13 - Paus
Cherry Festival - weekend after the 4th Sunday of May - Resende
Feast of Our Lady of the Visitation - 1st Sunday of July after the 2nd - Carving
Feast of St. Salvador - August 6 - Resende
Feast of Santa Luzia - 1st Sunday of September - Caldas de Aregos
S. Miguel de Anreade - 1st Weekend of October - Anreade
Feast of St. Joseph - March 19 - St. John of Fontoura
Pilgrimage of Santa Maria de Cárquere - 4th Sunday of May - Cárquere
Festivities of Saint Anthony - June 13 - Paus - S. Cipriano - S. Romão de Aregos
S. Cristóvão Fair - 25th of July - Felgueiras
Santa Maria de Barrô - August 15 - Barrô
Folklore Festival - 1st Sunday of September - S. Pedro de Paus
Festivals of St. John - June 24 - Felgueiras - S. João de Fontoura
Feast of the Lady of the Valley - July 27 - Ovadas
Folklore Festival - 2nd Saturday of August - Anreade
Festivities of Labareda - week before September 29th - Resende
Feast of St. Plagiarism - June 26 - Ovadas Festivals of St. Peter - June 29 - Paus - S. Martinho de Mouros
Our Lord of the Afflicted - 2nd Sunday of August - St. Cyprian
Feast of St. Lawrence - 2nd Sunday of August - Panchorra
Our Lady of the Guide - 3rd Sunday of August - S. João de Fontoura
Santa Maria de Barrô - August 15 - Barrô
International Folklore Festival - 3rd Sunday of August - Cárquere
Feast of Santa Luzia - Last Sunday of August - Feirão
Our Lord of Calvary - Last Sunday of August - St. Martin of Moors

All the mentioned dates can be changed by the heads of each organization.