We are a Hotel with the attribution of the seal “Clean & Safe“, by Tourism of Portugal.

Signaling and Information

Our customers will be able to learn about our Internal Protocol regarding the outbreak of COVID-19 at the Hotel Reception. The Hotel has the Internal Protocol in digital format and can be sent whenever requested.
Information on how to comply with the basic precautions for prevention and infection control in relation to the outbreak of COVID-19 is transmitted by the Hotel Staff and is signaled in several areas. They can be consulted by phone at 254 870 700 or by using an internal number, dialing number 9.


Washing and disinfection in accordance with the recommendations of the General Health Directorate on the surfaces where employees and customers circulate, ensuring control and prevention of infections.
Cleaning surfaces and objects in common use several times a day.
Wet cleaning is preferred over dry cleaning and vacuuming.
Air renovation of rooms and enclosed spaces is done regularly.
In the areas of restaurants and beverages, the cleaning of utensils, equipment and surfaces was reinforced and several points of hand hygiene were created.
In sanitary facilities, washing is carried out with a product that contains detergent and disinfectant in its composition, in order to make disinfection more effective.
Dispensers of alcohol-based antiseptic solution or alcohol-based solution near the entry / exit points, on all floors, at the entrance to the restaurant and bar.
Liquid soap for hand washing and mechanized dryers avoiding contact in all sanitary facilities.


The procedures for changing bed linen and cleaning in the rooms include two spaced intervals and with adequate protection according to the Internal Protocol and following the recommendations of the DGS.
The removal of bed linen and towels is done without shaking or shaking it, it is rolled outwards, without touching the body, placed in specific bags and left in the Hotel’s laundry.
The laundry staff will wash the bedding and towels separately at about 60ºC.
After the customer has checked out, the pillows are replaced by others, properly cleaned and not used within 48 hours. All commands in the room are properly disinfected after the customer has checked out.

Conditioned Services

Due to the recommendations of the DGS, measures were taken in the spaces of the Hotel in order to control the flow of people and the time spent in common areas.
The SPA space is equipped with conditioned access to the indoor pool with periods of 60m and maximum occupancy of 12 people simultaneously in the space. Periods can be renewed, subject to availability.
Jacuzzi, Turkish bath and gym are unavailable.
The outdoor pool is available with a 3-hour reservation and a maximum occupancy of 30 people simultaneously in the space. Periods can be renewed, subject to availability.

Space for Isolation

Room 102 is for people who can be detected as suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19. The room has natural ventilation and a mechanical ventilation system, has a smooth and washable covering, bathroom, mask, thermometer, autonomous waste container, waste bags and used clothes collection bags.

Staff Hotel

All staff received information and / or specific training on the Hotel’s Internal Protocol, as well as all the basic precautions for prevention and infection control in relation to the outbreak of COVID-19.
The Staff carries out daily self-monitoring to assess fever, cough or difficulty breathing.

Conduct for ClientS

Use of mandatory mask in all internal areas of the hotel.
We call for social detachment and hand hygiene whenever necessary.
All customers can find posted in each common area or in the Internal Protocol, available for consultation at the Hotel Reception, as rules of stay in the common spaces available to everyone.
As time reservations for determined intervals, it can be consulted at the Hotel Reception or in the Internal Protocol.

Suspected Infection

One of the employees responsible for initiating the procedures in case of suspected infection must accompany the suspect to the isolation space (room 102), provide him with the necessary assistance and contact the National Health Service (Linha Saúde 24 – 808 24 24 24) .
The Hotel keeps updated records, available for consultation, of the hygiene, disinfection and treatment of the pool water, carried out by a specialized and certified laboratory in the area.

We call for responsible behavior.