Thermal Waters of Caldas de Arêgos

Natural mineral waters of Caldas de Arêgos are sulphurous, bicarbonate, and sodium fluoride, with a high PH of 9.2, captured at 62 º C to 63 meters deep in holes capped, that protect polluters of surface and assure them clarity , bacteriological purity and physico-chemical stability.

Therapeutic Indications
The main indications of the waters of Caldas de Arêgos are located in the area of prevention and cure of orthopedic diseases, rheumatic diseases, respiratory diseases, sinusitis and skin diseases.

Thermal techniques


  • Immersion baths
  • Simple baths
  • Aerobath
  • Underwater
  • Computerized whirlpool


  • Jet showers
  • Lumbar showers
  • Shower column
  • Filiforme
  • Manu-pediduche
  • Vichy massage steam


  • Steam baths and full members


  • Application of sludge
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